How to download masked aadhaar

What is the “Masked Aadhaar” Card ?. How to download masked Aadhaar card, Benefits of Masked Aadhaar.Difference between Aadhar and [masked Aadhaar].

Hi, First thing first what is in your mind is “what is masked aadhar?”. Am I right?. masked aadhaar is simply aadhaar but it will make our aadhar information number private. The picture of aadhaar below shows how a masked aadhaar will appear.

Masked aadhaar

How to download masked aadhaar
Masked Aadhar card is also same as Aadhaar but the major difference is 12 digit number has XXXX marks in its first 8 digits.

If you observe clearly initial 8 digits of our aadhaar are replaced with the ” X” mark but all other remaining information is the same and as usual. This replacing of initial 8 digits of our aadhaar makes our aadhar number private this is the benefit of masked aadhar and other important things it will be the same as aadhaar.

whereas you will find normal aadhaar card as below.

Normal Aadhaar

difference between aadhar and masked aadhar

After knowing the difference between normal aadhaar and masked aadhaar and masked aadhar benefits,

Are you are looking for downloading your masked Aadhaar card?. One thing, it is very simple to download your masked Aadhaar card.

You may get the doubt in your mind, that, how to download your masked aadhaar. And that’s why is here to help you.

Follow the steps below and download your masked Aadhar card.

Step 1: Click and go to the eaadhaar website link

Step 2: You will get Download Aadhaar page on this page you will have “I have” section in this section you have three options which are mentioned below.

a) Aadhaar Number b) Enrolment ID ( EID) c) Virtual ID ( VID) choose one of the three options and enter the Aadhar number or Enrolment ID or Virtual ID.

Step 3: After entering Aadhaar number or Enrolment ID or Virtual ID, check the box/select the box before “I want masked aadhaar”.

Step 4: After checking the checkbox/selecting it, Enter the text shown in the Captcha verification box next after that click on send OTP button.

After pressing the send OTP button, you will get OTP to registered mobile number with aadhaar. When you submit OTP, you will get a survey form. Simply answer those by selecting whatever options you want and then click on download masked aadhar.

Downloaded masked aadhaar will be in PDF file. To open this masked aadhar PDF file you need to enter a password. the password you need to enter will be the initial four letters of our name in capital letters and our year of birth.

For example if first four letters of your name is WXYZ and if year of birth is 1992 then you need to enter password as WXYZ1992.

Hurrey there you go your masked aadhar is downloaded!.

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