How to apply for PAN card

Get your PAN number for FREE! Yes, Know How to apply for “ePAN” or “Instant PAN” for FREE and get it in minutes. Step by step procedure of getting your new PAN.

Hi, friends welcome to getting a “PAN card” is a very long process and you need to pay some fee too. Another option of getting it on various websites is also another time-consuming method. But, the government of India made it easy to get PAN number easy, free, and within minutes you can get your ePAN or Instant PAN in electronic format.

You need have following to get your PAN in pdf form.

  1. Your Aadhaar Card. (if you don’t have aadhaar card in hand download with this procedure click here)
  2. Your Aadhaar Card must be linked with a mobile number. (Note:- If Aadhaar card not linked with the mobile number it is not possible to get PAN number, before applying for epan or instant pan)

You need to confirm below rules too, to apply for ePAN or Instant PAN.

  1. You should not have a PAN number before.
  2. Your Aadhaar Card Linked with mobile number.
  3. Your date of birth on the Aaadhar card must be in DD-MM-YYYY format. i.e., for example, 15-07-1992.
  4. You should not be minor when you are applying for PAN or ePAN or Instant PAN.
  5. you need to accept income tax department terms and conditions.

If you are ready with the above data follow the step by step procedure of getting your PAN. It is very easy,to get it within minutes you will get it,that too for free.

Steps to download ePAN or Instant PAN for FREE.

Step 1: Go to the income tax department website When you visit that link you will get a window like below,

how to download epan or instant pan
Step by step procedure of getting ePAN or instant PAN.

Step 2: When the above window opens, you need to enter your aadhaar number in the box highlighted above. Next, you have to enter the Captcha Code in entering the Captcha box. Finally, you need to select the checkbox provided have words “I Confirm that”. By clicking on “I Confirm that” you are obeying the five options as shown in the picture and narrated above. Next Click on Generate Aadhaar OTP.

Step 3: When clicked on the Generate Aadhaar OTP button you will get OTP to your registered number which is linked with Aadhaar card. You need to validate OTP by entering received OTP in this step.

Step 4: After Validating OTP, you have to validate your Aadhaar details.

Step 5: After validating aadhaar details you will need to validate Email but it is optional you can or cannot.

Step 6: After properly completing above 5 steps in the last step you will get PAN .

All the above steps in the sequence shown in the picture above. Hope this information is enough to get your PAN number within minutes that too for free. Congratulations, now you have the knowledge of how to get your PAN number.

Do you want to see example of how ePAN will be, go to the link here .

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